Music is healing and calming in many ways. The fact that you can develop your own style and twist it, also helps you become even more enthusiastic about learning. When kids are small in age and they start learning music at such a stage, there are so many benefits they could gain from it. Even though it may seem tough and challenging at the beginning, it is very much easier as time goes by. So here is why you should be teaching your kids to play an instrument at a young age.

Increases memory power

One of the biggest problems many kids struggle today with is the skill of remembering things. given the fact that researchers have found that the attention span of a human is less than a gold fish’s (which is by the way the least), today the abundance of mobile phones, VR sets, video games and all that is not really helping the cause either. So, most of the times, rather than enjoying the little things around them, they are always immersed in a game or phone, and this has become the primary cause for them to have diminishing memory power and attention span. However, by enrolling your children in music lessons for kids Melbourne this skill is developed, as the child needs to remember notes and focus well to be able to play right. So, this helps them on the whole.

Learns perseverance

Another that many kids struggle today with is the inability to take up defeat in the right way. when things go wrong, rather than striving to make it right, they either give up completely or put up a fight (if it is a game played with another). However, when they learn rock singing lessons or to play an instrument, it teaches them to keep going even though they make mistakes. After all, in music there is a lot hard work that needs to be done if you want to sound good and that is not going to be achievable in a day or two!

Develops coordination

When you are playing an instrument, you need to think and play. While your brain brings up the notes to your head, your hands got to work them on the instrument. So, it is a coordination between different parts of your bodies. If it is a piano then you need to work your hands and feet but in a mouth organ, you need to control your breath and hands. So, there is a lot of focusing and coordination development that playing an instrument enhances. So, encourage your child also to take music lessons at a young age and enjoy the many benefits it has to bring!

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